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Cookies policy

What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a text file deposited during your visit to a site or the consultation of an advertisement. Its purpose is to collect information relating to your navigation and to send you services adapted to your terminal in order to improve your browsing experience. If you do not want to use cookies, you must configure your computer settings to erase all website cookies and/or receive a notification if cookies are stored. This procedure is explained below.

If you do not wish to change the cookies configuration, simply continue your visit to the site.

To find out more about cookies and their impact on you and your browsing experience, visit the CNIL website.

Who deposits cookies ?

Cookies are placed on the site directly by the company O2FEEL, a simplified join-stock company, which headquarters are located at 137 Allée de l’Ecopark, 59118 Wambrechies, France and registered in RCS LILLE, under registration number 520 441 841.

In addition, cookies are deposited by some of our site partners, called third-party cookies.

What type of cookies do we use ?

• Audience measurement cookies: these so-called performance cookies are intended to improve the performance of the O2feel-ebikes site. They are used for statistical purposes, and make it possible to analyze and measure the audience of the O2feel-ebikes site, according to the information obtained regarding the navigation of visitors.

• Advertising cookies: These cookies allow the display of advertising messages in the name and on behalf of the O2feel brand when you navigate on sites external to the O2feel sites. The data that we collect via these cookies is used exclusively for advertising campaigns and is anonymous. They allow us to offer you advertising content that is appropriate to you.

• Social media cookies: These cookies ease the interaction with the different social medias (for example, Facebook) on the O2feel-ebikes website and enable users to share the content of their choice.

Who are our service providers that are likely to collect cookies ?

Our site contains links to other sites that use cookies. To find out more about these, see the information provided by these third party sites regarding their own cookies.

• AXEPTIO : Axeptio collects and manages user consents (CMP). Axeptio gives the user control over the use of their personal data. For more information on Axeptio’s privacy policy, please see:

• GOOGLE ANALYTICS: Google Analytics collects data for statistical purposes. These data make it possible to analyze and measure the audience of O2feel sites. All the data collected allows us to improve our knowledge of navigation and user behavior and thus improve their experience. (example of the type of data collected: number of visits, number of page views, time spent on each page). For more information, please see:

• FACEBOOK : Facebook collects data on the pages users have visited in order to personalize the advertisements they then see on Facebook and Instagram. Users can choose to opt out of this type of advertising by reading the following page.
For more information on Facebook’s privacy policy, please see:

For your information, we use retargeting technology. This allows the display of personalized advertising that is targeted to your needs on the Sites, newsletters or applications, via banners from our advertising partners. Advertising is displayed on the basis of an analysis of usage behavior based on the cookies. No personal data is recorded here and the use of retargeting technology is carried out in compliance with the legal provisions relating to data protection.

Who are the recipients of the information stored in cookies ?

The information stored in cookies issued by O2feel or by its partners is intended for it, except in the case of « third-party cookies » exclusively managed by third parties, which are their sole responsibility.

How can cookies be managed on browsers ?

Cookies can be managed in different ways. Depending on your preferences, you can authorize, refuse or deactivate them (an already deposited cookie can only be deactivated, it will only be deleted at the end of its lifespan).

You can express your choices and modify your wishes through your browser.

The configuration of each browser is different. It is your responsibility to follow the instructions given by the publisher of your browser, as below (links available on the date of update of this privacy policy):

How long are cookies kept ?

Cookies are kept for a maximum of 2 years.

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