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O2feel team on the lawn

Our teams

O2feel intends to be an integral part of today’s mobility industry, to become a significant part of its age and propose an innovative and exciting approach to the electric bike of tomorrow.

And our teams work hard in order to achieve it!

Export sales department

To develop its international presence, O2feel has recruited dedicated sales operatives for the different countries in which we are operating. O2feel sales operatives are committed to regularly visiting retailers and guarantee the brand’s reactivity and reliability in its relations with retailers and end users.

French sales department

The French sales department is committed to visiting the brand’s retailers, guaranteeing the order process and logistics, and making sure that the e-bikes are available in the shops. The sales department is also a point of contact for sales information and training.

Sales Processing department

As sales team will never be able to function as well without a follow-up centre, our sales processing team makes sure that e-bikes are delivered on time to our retailers, thus guaranteeing rapid customer satisfaction.

LAB department

Our LAB team is always on the lookout for innovations and performance; they develop your future e-bikes at our French Wambrechies site near Lille. Their mission is to imagine, design, create, assemble, test and optimise our EPACs with the main objective of producing a well-designed, high-performance e-bike using the latest technology and innovations available on the market.

Accounts department

Account management, figures, analysis and auditing are no mystery to the O2feel accounts team. They are multi-talented and able to ensure service continuity and account management

After-sales and workshop department

This department is widely respected for its reactivity and close relations; it provides after-sales services to retailers and end users for all of our e-bikes. It also provides telephone and physical support for our e-bikes and batteries, thanks to its in-house repair shop.

O2feel Factory

The O2feel assembly plant is in charge of putting together our top-of-the-range models. More than 8,000 e-bikes are produced by the Factory each year.

Digital department

Digital experts, responsible for developing websites as innovative and beautiful as the O2feel e-bikes. Working hand-in-hand with marketing and product leaders in order to respond to emerging trends and always be on top in the e-bikes and digital world.

Communication/marketing department

Developing the brand’s image and reputation with its customers, bringing the O2feel world to life in retail outlets, tradeshows and via other supports.

O2feel worldwide 

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